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“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” – Albert Einstein

Our 3D Modelling service is perfect for someone who has an idea in their head or can do a quick sketch on a napkin but needs help turning that seed of an idea into a physical object.
If you can imagine it, we can offer you:

  • 3D Drawings (side view, front view, top view, isometric etc.), with technical information, build instructions etc.
  • 3D Video of model, assembly of object, multiple views
  • 3D Printed scale model or real sized model.
  • Expert review from Civil Engineer and Mechanical Engineer

There are catalogues full of existing 3D prints which you can choose from in the “3d printing” tab but this service is for those who want something unique to them.  All privacy is 100% guaranteed and phone support is offered in business hours by local engineers.

Possible options for custom 3D Modelling:

Architecture models

Scale model projects (site layouts)

Keychains or office merchandise

Pet Projects

University Assignments

Engineering ideas

Car Parts

Bike Parts

Vintage Recreations

Lego Pieces

Fishing Lures

Personal Gifts

Sunglasses Case

Make up Case

Cigarette Case

Cigar Case

Furniture Piece

Special tool

Warhammer piece


Idea to Reality

“Napkin Sketch”  (rough idea)

Rapid 3D Printing consults with client (you) to fully understand the idea before modelling in computer program.

Rough sketch is drawn to establish basic elements, size and scale.

Case study 1 – “Pods in the park” – Cost effective and sustainable housing for the homeless, idea based of “pod hotel” seen in japan

Computer model

Rapid 3D Printing constructs a 3d model in software and consults client (you) as to what drawings you would like.

AutoCad Inventor is used to make a 3D Assembly of multiple components

3D Model as seen is AutoCad “assembly” mode

Technical Drawings

Rapid 3D Printing offers client’s choice of: side view, front view, top view, isometric etc.

3D Isometric with dimensions and notes

Technical Drawings (cont.)

2D drawings of individual components

3D Videos – Assembly

Individual Pod Assembly

Assembly from “flat pack” to pod

3 Pod Assembly

Interlocking Pod Assembly

Site Assembly

Assembly from “flat pack” to pod

Rapid 3D Printed Scale Model

1:15 Scale Model

Rapid 3D Printed Scale Model (cont.)

1:10 Scale Model – Half Length (hollowed out to save printing time)

Projects such as these often require a lot explaining and back and forth communication.

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Stringer availble

5 Rises 75*50*2 RHS

6 Rises 75*50*2 RHS

7 Rises 75*75*2 SHS

18 Rises 150*10*5 RHS